"Maybe I wanted to make a playground. 
A playground filled with things no matter how small or unwanted, 
they would all be kept dear in people’s hearts.”
"What EarthBound means to me." by Shigesato Itoi

Happy 25th anniversary to a series that has remained impossibly dear to so many. We love you, Mother! Thank you for the memories!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite comic - Groot

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Avengers Assemble #22

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[PINKPANDASUBS] 140725 A-PINK DIARY - Hayoung’s Birthday (eng sub)

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The Punisher: The Ultimate Payback, Game Boy.

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And now, Misty Knight punching a shark.
Classic X-Men #13
Writer - Chris Claremont
Artist - John Bolton & Petra Sootese